Banned Books Week: How to celebrate


By Lisa M. Rabey
Systems & Web Librarian

One of the great things about Banned Books Week is that you can celebrate it in a variety of different ways and participation levels. The easiest, of course, is just read banned books! GRCC library has a large selection of classic titles that were once challenged and or banned in digital and print formats.

Once you have your list of banned books you’ve read or ones you want to read, why not blog about it?

Another option to participate is in a Virtual Read Out / Celebrity Virtual Read Out by reading a passage or a chapter from a banned book and uploading the video to YouTube or Vimeo or any other video service. Don’t forget to tag it with #bannedbooksweek and share it.

If getting in front of the camera is not your thing, what about getting behind the camera by watching Google+ Hangouts with banned authors. Every day this week a new hangout with a famous banned author will be live on Google+.

If you’re on Twitter, don’t forget to tweet about all of what you’are doing and tagging it with #bannedbooksweek. Additionally, there is also a planned Twitter [Continue Reading]

Originally published at: Lisa @ GRCC