Bring The Noise: A Night Of Empowerment Open Mic Night, April 8 at GRCC Library

Bring the Noise Flyer

By Lisa M. Rabey
System & Web Librarian

In celebration of National Poetry Month and GRCC’s Pride Week, the StandOUT! Gay-Straight Alliance student group in partnership with GRCC Library is proud to present an open mic night, on April 8.

The event will be held on the second floor of the library at the Learning Resource Center. Doors and the sign up list opens at 6:00PM, performances begin at 6:15 and will go till 8:45PM.

The event is free and open to the public.

We’re looking to empower people whose voices have been held back in the past, be it because of color or sex, religion or orientation. This is the night to lift those voices up. This is the night to let amplifier, mic, and tongue work in tandem to shake the air with words, music, or just plain sound.

Bring your anger, bring your pain. Bring your joy and your victories, your sorrow and defeat. Bring the whole package because that’s what we are as people. We aren’t a few slices of adjectives or characteristics, we are being, whole and complete and as such we have the right to let our voices be heard.

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Originally published at: Lisa @ GRCC