The Silver Age of Comics in Libraries: Programing, Best Practices, and More

C2E2 / April 26, 2013

The Authors

Andrew McBride / @theandrewface
Kristin LaLonde / @shinyinfo
Lisa Rabey  / @pnkrcklibrarian


  • How To Make Your Own Library Comic Con
    By Melissa Lang at Cumberland County Public Library
    Mentioned in our presentation, this package of files contains everything you would need to plan and throw a librari-con at your library.
  • Chippewa River District Library’s flyer for May the 4th Be With You / Free Comic Book Day Event
    By Kristin LaLonde at Chippewa River District Library
    Mentioned by Kristin during our presentation, here is the awesomely designed flyers done by her library to promote FCBD events at CRDL. Kristin has also written about the planning process (which includes a zillion great ideas) and a wrap-up of the day.
  • GRCC Subject Guides: Graphic Novels
    By Lisa Rabey at Grand Rapids Community College Library
    Curated with the following in mind: A comprehensive site of everything local for graphic novels/comics in Grand Rapids, easy access to graphic novels and related materials at GRCC, robust links to comic collections, websites of note, careers in comics, and conventions to name a few.
  • Graphicdemia: Graphic Novels in Academia
    By Lisa Rabey at Grand Rapids Community College Library
    A resource for collecting, promoting, and circulating graphic novels specifically at non-research institutions, special libraries, archives, and community colleges.
  • Best practices

The Collections

Graphic Novels at AANM
Graphic Novels at CRDL
Graphic Novels at GRCC

Places / Sites Mentioned

Kids Read Comics Day
Free Comic Book Day
Green Brain Comics
Hall of Heroes
Argos Books