Social Media for Libraries / Archives

Social Media at GRCC Library
2011 – 2014

  • Research and blog on materials relating to the library, the community, and other related topics
  • Develop and maintain taxonomy used for content
  • Manage content publishing and posting schedules across all social networks
  • Create and administer accounts across various social media platforms, including the library’s blog
  • Implemented social media campaigns for library events and special occasions
  • Drafted and implemented a library wide social media policy, which is updated yearly and complements the college’s AUP. As of 2011, no known working examples of a social media policy exists for academic libraries
  • Collect and analyze stats to project and manage accounts and content
  • Social media campaign examples [forthcoming]

Dewey District Library
2010 – present, consultant

2009 – 2012, consultant

  • Research and blog on issues relating but not limited to digital archiving, digital asset management, and emerging technologies
  • Develop and maintain taxonomy used for content
  • Install, configure, and administer WordPress CMS software, widgets and plugins on Archive Media Partners’ server as well as utilize website optimization, SEO awareness and analytics
  • Create and administer accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Disqus, HootSuite, and Flickr
  • Design and execute planning strategy and workflow for posting and updating content to the blog and other social networking sites as needed
  • Consult on using information architecture for redefining site structure, navigation, and page layout
  • Presented professionally on emerging technologies for archives

Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History
2009 – 2011, practicum student and consultant

  • I contributed to the taxonomy, design, and layout for the digital exhibitions
  • Installation and maintenance of plugins, consulting on social media and SEO, content creation, and general administration of the site