kitchen sink resume

This is the kitchen sink resume of everything I’ve ever done in the last 20 years regardless of what industry or education. If you want a list of my professionally published pieces, here is my bibliography.


  • 2017 – Code Louisville – Certificate in Front-End Web Development
  • 2010 – Wayne State University – Master’s in Library Science
    • Graduate Certificate in Archival Administration
  • 2008 – Central Michigan University – Master of Arts (Humanities)
  • 2005 – Aquinas College – Bachelor of Arts (English Lit / Art History)

Continuing Education

Work Experience

Knowledge Management Consultant 7/2018 – 12/2018
Humana (contract), Louisville, KY

  • Focus on the creation of content meeting business requirements and is useful and relevant to targeted audiences within the health insurance industry
  • Ensures content utilizes SEO, meets target audience and business objective and goals along with consistency across company properties
  • Assist with creation and maintenance of content standards, including a library of common reusable content using an XML authoring tool
  • Work closely and collaborate with other project team members, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), and leads including other internal consultants, process owners, facilitators, and curriculum owners
  • Curate and write content for multiple channels
  • Collaborated and supported several teams such as PPNO, PPI, and Claims
  • Ran reports and provide statistics as needed

Internet Consultant 07/2014 — Present
Nerd Girl Consulting, Louisville, KY

  • Consult on CMS management, SEO, and content curation
  • Work with clients on archival, library, and social media needs
  • Freelance writer specializing in media and pop culture reviews, mental health, librarianship, and technology
  • Published in A Practical Wedding; No Flying, No Tights; Talk Space

Digital Archivist 05/2016 — 08/2016
IBM (Contract), New York, NY

  • Played an active role in acquisition, arrangement and description, preservation, and providing secure access to born-digital and digitized collections
  • Employed agile (iterative) methodology for fixity and data validation quality assurance and quality control reviews
  • Collaborated with the corporate archivist, processing archivist, and IT to identify problems, troubleshoot, fix and improve processing
  • Participated in the ongoing development and contribute to policies and workflows

Systems and Web Librarian 02/2011 – 07/2014
Grand Rapids Community College, Grand Rapids, MI

  • Provided library, subject focused, and technical instruction to patrons and staff of GRCC Library in the use of online catalogs, databases, eBooks, and other technologies
  • Acted as a liaison to various departments on campus and provided library and information literacy classes and tours, collection development and maintenance, and outreach as required
  • Implemented outreach programs for staff and students as well as the community; managed the library’s digital properties in support of these programs
  • Managed daily operation of the library’s automation systems which included performing backups, upgrades, maintenance, catalog enhancements, statistics, and additional digital library services as needed
  • Developed and maintained social media policies, web development, brand site, and consistency and editorial control for the library’s digital properties
  • Provided outreach and community engagement for the GRCC and surrounding communities, and additionally using social media, the web, campus communications, and traditional marketing to disseminate information
  • Work with the college’s web development team to develop brand and site consistency and continuity

Archival Practicum Student     08/2009 – 05/2010
Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, Detroit, MI

  • Surveyed and inventoried a 38 cubic foot, mixed format collection
  •  Arranged and described collection according to repository manuals and DACS
  • Prepared and executed appraisal report and processing plan for the collection
  • Act as a consult on administration and troubleshooting of the archives’ blog and social media
  • Curate, support, create taxonomy, design, and layout of digital projects and exhibitions

Digital Librarian/Social Media Specialist      05/2009 – 02/2012
Archive Media Partners, Detroit, MI

  • Created and implemented best practices for archival digitization project
  • Installed, configured, and administered Archive Media Partners’ WordPress website
  • Utilized website optimization, SEO awareness, and analytics
  • Managed AMP’s digital properties
  • Designed and execute planning strategy and workflow for posting and updating content to AMP’s digital properties

Reference Librarian, Graduate Student Assistant 01/2009 – 05/2010
Purdy/Kresge Graduate Library, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI

  • Assisted patrons in person, online, and on the telephone with questions ranging from ready reference to extended research support
  • Demonstrated ability to utilize search strategies with online catalogs and databases
  • Provided library instruction to patrons on the use of the graduate and undergraduate libraries, online catalogs, and databases as well as technical instruction
  • Edited and updated the Graduate Student Assistant manual for the 2010-2011 academic year

Lead Fiction Bookseller      10/2005 – 01/2009
Barnes and Noble Booksellers, Grand Rapids, MI

  • Responsible for inventory ordering and maintenance
  • Provided superior and knowledgeable one-on-one reference, customer service, and reader’s advisor
  • Maintain inventory levels while tracking sales and trend reports to best fulfill customer needs and requests
  • Created cross-referencing and programming tools for customer use
  • Aided in training of new hires

Senior Internet Systems Engineer      10/1999 – 10/2002
UUNet Technologies, Inc./WorldCom, Ashburn, VA

  • Worked with customers on routing (static, dynamic, BGP, EIGP) configuration, DNS, IMAP, POP, and NNTP
  • Implemented and configured customer premise equipment
  • Supervised a team of five engineers and acted as point of contact for troubleshooting and escalate problem resolution
  • Designed and taught classes that covered specific areas of interest such as new hires, on the job training, computer literacy, and company software

Volunteer Work

Docent , Librarian     12/2017 – Present
Kentucky Museum of Arts and Craft

  • Conduct museum tours
  • Worked with communications to deliver education programs
  • Assist staff as needed
  • Obtained and manage OPAC
  • Responsible for collection maintenance
  • Manage circulation policies and procedures

Librarian      01/2017 – Present
Jane Austen Society of North America – Greater Louisville Region

  • Obtained and manage OPAC
  • Responsible for collection maintenance
  • Manage circulation policies and procedures

Digital Archivist      01/2011 – 09/2011
Grand Rapids Public Library Foundation

  • Organized materials, The Peninsular Club magazine, for digital preservation
  • Preserved materials using industry standards and created master files to ensure long term preservation
  • Used OCR to ensure digital findability
  • Consulted on creation of digital pathfinders and digital presentation

Consultant      08/2009 – 12/2009
Royal Oak Historical Society

  • Organized materials for digital preservation
  • Consulted on creation of digital pathfinders and digital presentation
  • Consulted and trained on using social media for outreach and digital exhibition

Docent     01/2004 – 06/2004
Grand Rapids Art Museum

  • Conduct museum tours
  • Worked with communications to deliver education programs
  • Assist staff as needed

Skills Summary

  • Languages: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (beginner)
  • Operating Systems: OS X, Windows, Linux (beginner)
  • Content Creator: SEO, content writing, social media management, documentation, project management, tailored research, editing, knowledge management
  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Hootsuite, Tweet Deck
  • CMS Software: Word Press, Blogger, Tumblr
  • Library integrated software: Innovative Interface Sierra Web PAC, and ERM; LibGuides, BlackBoard, ILLiad, EZProxy
  • Writing specializations
    • Social media and web content producer 2012 – Present
    • Library, literacy, and educational issues 2009 – Present
    • Movie, book, and music reviewer 2005 – Present
    • Pop culture 2005 – Present
    • Mental Health 2000 — Present
    • Technology 1999 — Present
    • Creative non-fiction 1996 — Present
  • Supervisory experience: 5+ years


Professional Research Interests & Projects

  • Graphicdemia – Collection development, circulation, and teaching of graphic novels in academia
  • Social media – Best practices, use, content curation, managing, and the community engagement of a library’s digital properties
  • Search engine optimization – How cataloging and curating data effects search results and online reputations
  • Knowledge Management – Findability, taxonomy, and structure of data as applied to knowledge repositories

Professional Organization

  • Kentucky Library Association 2017 – Present
  • American Library Association 2008 – Present
  • Library and Information Technology Association 2008 – 2018
  • Michigan Library Association 2008 – 2015 ­

Writing Experience

  • Freelance writer and blogger (2014 – present)
  • Librarian, editor, content curator, writer & blogger (Grand Rapids Community College, 2011 – 2014)
  • Content Writer & blogger (Archive Media Partners, 2009 – 2012)
  • Tech Writer (UUNet/WorldCom, 1999 – 2002)
  • Arts & Entertainment Editor (Grand Rapids Community College, 1994 – 1996)

Select Publications

Sample Clip

Geek Girl MixTape      2019 – Present
Writer, Publisher, and Content Management

  • Pop culture blog with topics ranging from movies, music, television, and books
  • Blog is written from a GenX point of view
  • Blog is updated 3-5x a week
  • Provide content strategy and direction of the blog
  • Utilizes SEO, social media, and editorial calendars
  • Post length is 500 words or shorter

Excessively Diverting     2017 — Present
Writer, Publisher, and Content Management

  • Topics are Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters, and anything related to, about, or by them
  • Provide content strategy and direction of the blog
  • Utilized SEO, social media, and editorial calendars
  • Blog is updated 3-5x a week
  • Average post length is 150 – 400 words

No Flying, No Tights 2015 – present

  • Review graphic novels ranging from single to multiple volume
  • Graphic novels range from superhero to manga
  • Audience is librarians, educators, and adults
  • Average post length is between 750 – 1000 words

Exit, Pursued By A Bear   1998 — 2017
Writer, Publisher, and Content Management

  • Tackles diverse topics from comics to feminism to mental health issues and everything in between
  • Average post length is 750 -1000 words.

so glad is my heart      2015
Writer, Editor, Publisher, and Content Management

  • Pop up ‘zine for the month of February, 2015
  • Average post less than 500 words

Grand Rapids Community College Library      2011 – 2014
Social Media Manager, Writer, Editor, and Content Management

  • Topics: Technology, pop culture, libraries, reviews
  • Edited and wrote content, built up related branding, used social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to enhance conversation
  • Design and execute planning strategy and workflow for posting and updating content to the blog and social networks
  • Average post length is 250 – 500 words

Archive Media Partners 2009 – 2011
Writer, Editor, and Content Management

  • Topics: Libraries, archives, digital management, and copyright
  • Design and execute planning strategy and workflow for posting and updating content to the blog and other social networking
  • Edited and wrote content, built up related branding, used social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to enhance conversation
  • Average post length is 250 – 500 words

Grand Rapids Community College      1994 – 1996
Grand Rapids Community College Collegiate
Editor, Arts & Entertainment

  • Assigned stories and created content for a bi-weekly college newspaper
  • Assisted in article and paper layouts
  • Organized photos, wrote captions, and drafted headlines
  • Served as initial reporter contact for the arts & entertainment section
  • Proofread content for factual and grammatical accuracy
  • Ensured currency of entertainment stories via review of wire feeds