One big part of my job is to act as a liaison to various departments around campus. These departments are inline with my education, professional background, and interests.  Currently, my liaison departments are:

So what exactly do I do for these departments? Various things! A sampling includes the following:

  • Serve as the library’s primary contact for designated departments/programs/academic units,
  • Design and teach general and subject-focused instruction sessions
  • Provide active outreach to faculty, staff, and students of that department
  • Develop print and electronic collections that support the curriculum
  • Assist faculty members with effective integration of library resources into the curricula
  • Assist the department in accreditation materials

Examples of the work that I do can be found on the individual  Subject Guides for each of the aforementioned liaison departments.  Subject Guides are similar to Wikipedia in that everything you ever wanted to know about a particular topic at GRCC can be found on its own GRCC Subject Guide site, it is curated by a GRCC librarian, and it is publicly available.

Additionally, I also manage the Subject Guides for the following topics  that do not fall within a specific liaison area, but are part of my work.