new & additional activities


In addition to the below classes that were repeated for 2013-14 academic year, much of my professional free time was spent on #LibTechGender project.


  • Created the following courses to be added to the college’s  professional development catalog for 2012-13
    • Google Like A Librarian
      Description: Librarians will walk you through on using Google search, as well as Google Scholar, Books, Images, News and other Google products to find reliable and timely information in the appropriate media.
      Learning outcomes: 1. Learn how to do create complex search strategies to obtain specific information 2. Participants will become familiar with Google’s family of products and how to integrate then into their professional and classroom use.
    • Check Me Out: Evaluating Web Resources
      (Formerly Conquering Information Overload AND Getting Information off the Internet)
      Description: Now that you know how to Google like a librarian, what do you do with all of your research and how do you determine what is useful versus what is not?  Additionally, how do you manage it all?
      Learning outcomes: 1. Participants will learn how to determine accuracy, reliability, currency, authority, and purpose of the work they find online, regardless of how they found it (social media, search engine, recommendation, etc). 2.  Participants will also learn how to manage their information by using free online tools such as Evernote, Pocket, Zotoro, and others.
    • 100K and Counting: eBooks at GRCC Library
      Description: Did you know the library has over 100K ebooks, ranging in topics from aardvarks to zoology?  Did you also know these titles can be accessed off-campus, and on smartphones, tablets, and other devices?
      Learning outcomes: 1. Participants will learn how to search, retrieve, and manage ebook titles from the GRCC library as well as learn about open access eBook websites such as Project Gutenberg. 2. Participants will learn how to view the titles off campus, and on their devices. 3. Participants will learn how to integrate these titles into their course work.
  • Consultant to GRCC Faculty Association on social media and web marketing.
  • Muslim Journeys Bookshelf
  • Bring The Noise: A Night Of Empowerment Open Mic Night
    • Working as library liaison to  StandOUT! Gay-Straight Alliance, the student LGBTQ organization, I was lead facilitator for this event. In addition to working with StandOUT!, I also worked with Student Life to finalize arrangements. I submitted the event to local newspapers and media outlets for advertising, submitted press releases for campus events, and also managed the social media PR aspect. The event was attended by 25-30 people and was a well received.