philosophy of teaching

As an alumna of Grand Rapids Community College, I have first hand experience as to how a single instructor can completely change my worldview by igniting a passion for education and learning. Now that I am an instructor, one of my primary goals is to continue on that tradition by installing that same passion into my students so they can succeed in their endeavors.

How do I do this?

  • I recognize not everyone learns the same way and I work to encompass all styles of learning into my teaching
  • As someone who was not only a non-traditional student and as a GED holder, I recognize not everyone’s path to obtaining a college education is linear or straightforward. One of my goals is to work with students on getting the best/most out of tools, materials, and help available to them
  • I work with students in a variety of mediums such as face to face, email, social networking, and in the class room
  • While teaching, I emphasize there is not one right/correct way to learn the materials, instructing students to use what best works for them to obtain and learn
  • I’m always looking at new technologies and ways to integrate those technologies and methodologies into my teaching
  • Experimentation is key: I’m always looking how I can mash-up different instruction styles for my students, to see what works and what doesn’t.
  • Another primary goal is to make a connection not only in my relationship with my students but also with the students to the materials. I do not want the information to be rote to them, I want them to know, to learn, and to understand what we’re discussing.
  • I want my students to have curiosity and wonder about information – not only what we’re discussing in class but also how this information can connect to their other classes and to their lives